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Matt Canning

Matt Canning photo Matt Canning
  • Purple Belt - 4 Stripes
Coach Matt is a BJJ purple belt who joined the Ataraxis family in 2022. As the Intermediate Kids/Teens Class Instructor in both Gi and No Gi,  he loves the challenge of making Jiu Jitsu fun while instilling no-nonsense, competition-applicable techniques. He continually assesses the students' abilities in order to update the curriculum, bettering himself and every student along the way.  He trained and competed in the Philadelphia area for over fifteen years before being sidelined by a (non BJJ related) surgery, so he's grateful to have an outlet for his expansive knowledge and passion for BJJ. In his words "On the plus side, I now have a bionic neck that occasionally sets off metal detectors at airports".  Matt was pulled back onto the mats at Ataraxis shortly after his daughter's arrival at the school made a noticeable impact, though she was  a "Beginner" who just "trained a little with Dad".  
Beyond Jiu Jitsu, Matt has experience with boxing, Muay Thai, and other striking arts, can teach himself almost anything and can carve a Jack O' Lantern better than anyone you know.